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Paxford Garage - Accessories

Vehicle Lubricants and Accessories

We stock the following Morris motorcycle and motor vehicle lubricants:

Race 4
Fully synthetic SAE 5W-40 Multigrade for highly tuned racing and road superbikes.

Super Sport 4
Semi-synthetic SAE 10W-40 for high performance 4 stroke engines.

Sport 4
Ester synthetic, premium quality SAE 10W-40 for all 4 stroke engines and 2 stroke gearboxes.

Scooter 4
Advanced semi-synthetic SAE 10W-40 specifically for high revving. 4 stroke scooter engines and gearboxes.

Elite 30, 40 & 50
Specially selected, low level detergent additives make Elite oils the choice for classic, veteran and vintage engines.

MLR 30, 40 & 50
Castor based engine lubricants incorporating advanced additives with very high film strength with minimal oil thickening. Outstanding protection for classic racing, speedway, grasstrack and karts.

V Twin 20W-50
Top quality multigrade oil carefully formulated for high performance motorcycles such as BMW, Harley Davidson and certain Yamaha models requiring SAE 20W-50 viscosity.

Race 2
Fully synthetic super high performance oil for race prepared 2 stroke race engines in road racing, motocross, karting and other high stress applications.

Super Sport 2i
Synthetic 2 stroke oil for use in high revving, high performance road machines with injector systems where fully synthetic is specified by the manufacturer.

Sport 2
Ideal premix for most high performance machines for both on and off-road developed from proven racing technology.

Plus 2
Synthetic, fortified 2 stroke oil with performance additives, suitable for premix or injector systems.

Scooter 2
Semi-synthetic for smaller capacity, low revving engines for premix or injector systems.

Scooter Sport 2i
Fully synthetic for high performance, high revving scooter engines for premix or injector systems.

We also stock Morris lubricants for cars and light commercial vehicles. Fully synthetic, semi-synthetic and multigrade lubricants and Morris 'Ring Free' diesel oils are available.

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